Stages of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction usually happen when someone consume alcohol out of control. This condition emerges out of long-term alcohol abuse. These are some stages of the addiction:

First Stage: Binge Drinking.The first stage of alcohol addiction is a general experimentation with alcohol. Alcohol drinkers usually just test their limits to drink. These drinkers also engage binge drinking with their friends. They do not drinking regularly yet, but eventually they consume alcohol at one time in large amounts.

Second Stage: Increased Drinking. In this stage, drinkers start to consume alcohol more frequent. They may drinking alcohol almost in every weekend. They usually do it to get together with friends or to alleviate stress and boredom.

Third Stage: Problem Drinking. Drinkers become more depressed, anxious, and difficult to sleep in the third stage. They are also get some social changes related to problem drinking such as decreasing social activity, sudden changing in friends, and difficulty conversing with strangers.

Fourth Stage: Alcohol Dependence. Alcoholism is divided into two: dependence and addiction. Someone may be dependent on alcohol, but not yet addicted to drinking. Dependence derives after the problem drinking stage. In this case, someone has drunk the alcohol on their regular routine. They realize about the adverse effects, but they do not have control the alcohol consumption. In this stage, someone become accustomed to drink alcohol.

Fifth Stage: Addiction and Alcoholism. The last stage of alcoholism is addiction. In this stage, someone just want to drink alcohol for pleasure. Compulsive behaviors are prominent in addiction. Drinkers physically crave the substance until they start drinking again. They will drink wherever and whenever they want because they feel that they are very need it.

Identifying stages of alcohol addiction early can help prevent dependence and addiction. Family and environment are needed in overcoming the addiction.

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